New Media and All Things Nuclear

New media is changing the way we view the world, and nuclear energy.

New media is defined as the marriage of mediated communications technologies with digital computers. New Media has become a significant element in everyday life. It allows people to communicate, bank, shop and entertain. The global network of the Internet, for instance, connects people and information via computers. In this way the Internet, as a communication medium of New Media, overcomes the gap between people from different countries, permitting them to exchange opinions and information.

Arguably, new media has been one of the catalysts of globalisation and the dissemination of information has been occurring at an unprecedented speed. New media has the ability to radically break the connection between physical place and social place, making physical location much less significant for our social relationships. In essence, virtual communities are being established online and transcend geographical boundaries, eliminating social restrictions.

New media is revolutionizing how society (the general public, NGO’s, government, etc.) communicates. The nuclear industry is no stranger to new media tools. In fact, there are many new outlets for nuclear news popping up all over the internet. Websites are being hosted by the traditional nuclear organizations, but also there is a growing underground movement of nuclear bloggers. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject. Furthermore, blogging has become a form of participatory journalism that virtually anyone can partake in.

Many of the nuclear blogs’ contributors work in various aspects of the nuclear industry from engineers to physicists and policy planners. There are even networks that have been created between the different bloggers that have begun to form a virtual community of nuclear bloggers. Accessing these blogs allows the reader to share in a wealth of knowledge of breaking news in the nuclear industry, oftentimes before it is announced in the mainstream media. Moreover, they provide a one stop shop for those seeking information on all things nuclear with a personal touch (the key attribute and main selling point of any blog).

This blog post was first published by Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited in 2009.


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