What’s Your Vision for a Sustainable Future?

What’s your vision for a sustainable future?

This important and timely question is being asked by municipalities across Ontario. The Greater Peterborough Area (GPA) is no exception. Together with Lura Consulting and Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited, stakeholders from the GPA are working on a pioneering collaboration to create an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) for both the City and County of Peterborough. Aptly titled, “Sustainable Peterborough”, this innovative project will create a 25 year vision to build a sustainable community – one that meets the needs of residents today and for generations to come.

The GPA is already a leader in environmental awareness. The ICSP process is a unique opportunity to foster local sustainablilty efforts, while setting an example for other communities across Canada. What’s really exciting is that this plan cannot be built without the input of the community. We’re in the community asking residents and business owners what their vision is for a healthy, thriving, green community.

In the July/August issue of the GPA Chamber of Commerce’s, Voice of Business, Lura consultant, Rob Arkell, talks about why a sustainable community is good for business. Make sure to take a look. Whether you live in the GPA or not, sustainability is an issue affecting all Ontario municipalities.

Are you a resident of the GPA? Take a moment to fill out the survey, and let us know what your vision is for a sustainable Peterborough.

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