A Tribute to Jack

Former Toronto City Councilor, Member of Parliament and Leader of the Official Opposition, Jack Layton (1950-2011)

I never voted for him, and I didn’t agree with all of his ideas, yet I truly respected

I heard the news while I was at a Newmarket mall. The message flashed before me; Jack  Layton’s picture overhead. Some people had red faces; others looked upset.  We knew the reality, yet no one wanted to believe it – Jack had passed.

He was a people’s person who brought those with the smallest voice for their concerns to the forefront.  He brought the NDP party to its strongest position ever in a way that united many parts of the country, and challenged the government’s point of view countless times.  He rarely ever drove and took public transit. He connected with the public in a special way. He captured the hearts of Canadians to the envy of other leaders within the City of Toronto and Canada.

But his biggest challenge was the battle for his life.

Even near the end, he did not forget about his party and the people of Canada. His one
final letter to the public has been read by scores of people across Canada, and the world.
He charged Canadians to complete the work that he started – he instilled hope for the future.

For the biggest battle, cane in hand, he lived with grace until the end.

Jack Layton and wife, and fellow MP, Olivia Chow. Photo credit: Macleans.ca

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