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Lowering Your Carbon Footprint, One Step at a Time (Literally!)

This morning while browsing PR Newswire I saw an article which made me think about my lifestyle. I consider myself aware of my impact on the environment, and do what I can to lower my carbon footprint. Here are some of … Continue reading

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Age-Friendly Communities

In my last few blogs I discussed some of the central themes challenging contemporary planners –  things like the importance of meaningful public consultation to elicit “on-the ground” information to be infused into  projects, plans and policies; the need for … Continue reading

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Bus Compromise

So you’re driving to work and you get stuck behind the dreaded bus that stops: Every. Single. Block. You think to yourself, I wish that bus would get out of my way. You’re on the bus, doing your part for … Continue reading

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Municipal Incentives to Promote “Green” Development

Sustainable or “green” building is the practice of generating resource-efficient and healthy approaches to construction, renovation, operation, maintenance and demolition. It is typically applied to individual developments (building-specific), but is sometimes used to describe municipal scale development. Green building usually requires … Continue reading

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Stats Versus Stories: Inspiring Your Audience to Action

2.4 million pounds of plastic enters the world’s oceans every hour. 48,000 gallons of oil are consumed every second. In Canada, 26 million tonnes of garbage was sent to waste disposal facilities in 2008. Each Canadian produces about 1,031 kilograms … Continue reading

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From Cradle to Cradle: Closing the Food Loop

I am a big fan of National Geographic  and have been reading the magazine for as long as I can remember and watching the specials on television. Recently I’ve started to look at their website and following them on Facebook. While … Continue reading

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Ditch the Jargon!

In a previous life I worked as a communications professional in the political sphere. My role was to act as the gatekeeper between the world of policy and that of the general public. I translated academic verbiage into language that was simple, … Continue reading

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