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Toronto’s Chattering Elites and Scarborough’s Transit Victims

Toronto’s councillors of wealthy wards and their chattering elite supporters turned a blind eye on a critical social justice issue for Danzig Street, Ward 44 and all of Scarborough. Instead, they opted to exclude social costs and benefits in deciding the fate of Scarborough’s transit. Our take on how and why assessing socio-economic impacts would have created a better life for Scarborough’s working poor and multicultural community. Continue reading

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Nine Lessons on Making Multi-Family Homes More Resilient

About 20 years ago, Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited was part of a team that prepared an aggressive strategy for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional waste reduction, reuse and recycling (3Rs) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  As the urban … Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Rethink Toronto’s Resiliency

Seven ways the recent ice storm, earlier power outages and floods enable us to consider whether municipal sustainability plans for Toronto and other municipalities should be reconsidered through the lens of resiliency planning. How different would social and environmental planning for food, climate change, energy, economic development, healthy communities, natural assets and transportation be if seen through the lens of ‘resiliency’? Continue reading

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