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How to Effectively Use QR Codes for Your Business

Walking down the street or flipping through a magazine you may have come across a square made of seemingly random smaller black and white squares. What you may or may not know is this square is a QR code, and … Continue reading

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Why Municipalities Need Social Media

The number of Canadians using some form of social media is growing daily. In 2011, 35 per cent of Canadians visited a social media site everyday – representing growth of 16 per cent from 2010 (Jason, 2011). While young people … Continue reading

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Toronto’s Energy Future: Part 1

Our newest team member, Noah Brotman, created a compelling documentary on, “Toronto’s Energy Future.” Here’s Part 1. (Part 2 will follow later this week.) Noah Brotman is an Urban Planner at Hardy Stevenson Associates Limited and the newest member of our team. Noah … Continue reading

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Communicative Planning for the Digital Age

More than ever, planners need to inform and educate people about urban issues. Somehow we need to get across to residents and various stakeholders the importance of the planning processes which will ultimately impact their lives. Our recent work incorporating … Continue reading

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Why Your Communication Plan Sucks

Yes, I said it: your communication plan sucks. No, no – I didn’t mean yours specifically. I’m sure your communication plan is great…just great… [Awkward pause] But there are plenty of communication plans out there that need help! Here are … Continue reading

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Implementation: Where Can your Municipality Go for Help?

In my last two blog posts, I’ve discussed the importance of effective implementation, and some of its challenges. I’ve also provided a case study exemplifying HSAL’s award-winning approach to implementation. Implementation is a strong theme this year in the planning profession, … Continue reading

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Strategy to Implementation: Getting From Here to There

One of the most challenging aspects of strategic planning (public or private) is implementing the plan – realizing the vision, goals and objectives set-out in the plan. There are numerous private sector studies that show a feeble relationship between strategy … Continue reading

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Five Screenwriting Rules to Improve Your Writing

I’m currently enrolled in a fiction screenwriting course through Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education. Part professional development, part exercise in creativity, practicing the art of screenwriting is helping me to hone my communication skills, and is pushing me … Continue reading

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