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How to Work with Multiple Stakeholder Groups

In my experience working with major projects, I have learned a lot about communication between several different organizations and levels of government. Sometimes it is very difficult to see progress with projects with so many stakeholders, but here are a … Continue reading

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Planning Through Video

We live in a world where there is constant competition for people’s attention. On a daily basis we can be inundated by information from dozens of social media sites, news aggregators, blog, vlogs, podcasts, twitter, facebook and so on. With … Continue reading

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Community Well-Being in Municipalities

Many municipalities across Ontario have begun to develop well-being plans. A community plan for well-being usually entails a set of change-motivated strategies with goals intended to champion enhancements in well-being within a municipality. Whether focused on issues such as community … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Everyone at HSAL!

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How to Get a ‘Second Date’

In one of my favourite episodes of NBC’s 30 Rock, Liz Lemon has a crush on her gorgeous new neighbour, Dr. Drew Baird. He’s a pediatrician, he bakes and he’s played by Jon Hamm. Liz finally gets the nerve to … Continue reading

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The Element of Surprise

Remember that scene from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when the teacher is running through attendance? You know the one: “Bueller? Bueller?” (Hughes, 1986). Later in the film, the teacher is giving an economics lecture in the same monotone voice … Continue reading

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Ditch the Jargon!

In a previous life I worked as a communications professional in the political sphere. My role was to act as the gatekeeper between the world of policy and that of the general public. I translated academic verbiage into language that was simple, … Continue reading

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