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Port Hope and Port Granby Projects Press Release – January 13, 2012

The Port Hope Area Initiative Management Office (PHAI MO) today received confirmation of funding from the Government of Canada, which will allow the Port Hope and Port Granby Projects to move forward into Phase 2. The Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister … Continue reading

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Adaptive Management: What does it mean for environmental management?

Adaptive management (AM) is one of those terms that you often see used in Environmental Assessments (EAs) and other environmental projects that require long-term planning and monitoring. So what exactly does it mean for resource managers and environmental assessment practitioners? … Continue reading

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Community Well-being – What is it and What Does it Mean for Projects and Local Communities?

The concept of community well-being is one of the frameworks for community assessment along with other concepts (e.g. local community quality-of life studies, community health or community capacity). Measuring well-being in a community is vital to knowing how that community … Continue reading

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Game Plan: Implementing Sustainbility Working Sessions

Our planet is rapidly becoming more urban. According to UN-Habitat, an agency mandated by the UN General Assembly to encourage socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities, global population growth between the years 1950-1975 was relatively uniformly divided between urban … Continue reading

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Port Hope Project Update

The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Port Hope Project is an ongoing clean up and remediation project in the Municipality of Port Hope. It involves moving approximately 1.2 million cubic metres of contaminated soil to an engineered mound at the … Continue reading

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