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Implementation in Action: The Benefits Blueprint

As planners, we are agents of change.  We play a vital role in putting ideas into action so that tomorrow will be better from what is today.  We all know change is difficult and that it requires much more than … Continue reading

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Resource Management – Co-Management

Adaptive co-management is an evolving approach for the governance of social-ecological systems. The concept of adaptive co-management comes from combining the on-going learning element of adaptive management and the relationship component of collaborative management in which rights and responsibilities are … Continue reading

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Adaptive Management: What does it mean for environmental management?

Adaptive management (AM) is one of those terms that you often see used in Environmental Assessments (EAs) and other environmental projects that require long-term planning and monitoring. So what exactly does it mean for resource managers and environmental assessment practitioners? … Continue reading

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The Art of Nuclear Waste Management

We all know that nuclear waste management is a very complicated issue from a technical point of view, as well as from a public policy perspective. The Netherlands’ COVRA have managed to put an artistic twist on their nuclear waste … Continue reading

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