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Toronto’s Energy Future: Part 2

As promised, here’s Part 2 of Noah’s documentary on, “Toronto’s Energy Future.” Noah Brotman is an Urban Planner at Hardy Stevenson Associates Limited and the newest member of our team. Noah completed his Master of Environmental Studies and Urban Planning at York … Continue reading

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Communicative Planning for the Digital Age

More than ever, planners need to inform and educate people about urban issues. Somehow we need to get across to residents and various stakeholders the importance of the planning processes which will ultimately impact their lives. Our recent work incorporating … Continue reading

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Implementation in Action: The Benefits Blueprint

As planners, we are agents of change.  We play a vital role in putting ideas into action so that tomorrow will be better from what is today.  We all know change is difficult and that it requires much more than … Continue reading

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Creative Collaboration

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of students from Loyalist College’s Art and Design Foundation program. Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited (HSAL) is partnering with Loyalist College to produce branding for one of our non-profit clients: … Continue reading

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Lowering Your Carbon Footprint, One Step at a Time (Literally!)

This morning while browsing PR Newswire I saw an article which made me think about my lifestyle. I consider myself aware of my impact on the environment, and do what I can to lower my carbon footprint. Here are some of … Continue reading

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Stats Versus Stories: Inspiring Your Audience to Action

2.4 million pounds of plastic enters the world’s oceans every hour. 48,000 gallons of oil are consumed every second. In Canada, 26 million tonnes of garbage was sent to waste disposal facilities in 2008. Each Canadian produces about 1,031 kilograms … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Lost in Translation

I am not an urban planner. I am not an engineer. I am a communicator. What I do is work with planners, engineers, and a variety of other stakeholders, to communicate their work to the public. But I must admit, … Continue reading

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