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Mitigate Municipal Headaches with Timely Tweets

Discover how Twitter can help your town, city or region to avoid issues and communicate with your community, especially during infrastructure construction projects or events. Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Rethink Toronto’s Resiliency

Seven ways the recent ice storm, earlier power outages and floods enable us to consider whether municipal sustainability plans for Toronto and other municipalities should be reconsidered through the lens of resiliency planning. How different would social and environmental planning for food, climate change, energy, economic development, healthy communities, natural assets and transportation be if seen through the lens of ‘resiliency’? Continue reading

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Integrated Human Services Plans Deliver Major Social and Economic Benefits to Municipalities

Overview of how a well‐thought through Human Services Plan can improve municipal governance and program performance by enhancing: service delivery, economic investment appeal, funding success and triple bottom line analysis. Continue reading

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Community Well-Being in Municipalities

Many municipalities across Ontario have begun to develop well-being plans. A community plan for well-being usually entails a set of change-motivated strategies with goals intended to champion enhancements in well-being within a municipality. Whether focused on issues such as community … Continue reading

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Switching On Private or Community-Based Solar Projects

The benefits of solar power are compelling: environmental protection, economic growth, job creation, diversity of fuel supply and rapid deployment, as well as the global potential for technology transfer and innovation. Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited (HSAL) served as a … Continue reading

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