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How to Move Your Home Renovation Forward with Municipal Approvals

You finally have enough saved to start that home renovation. You are ready to build the extension and drive in the first nail.  Before breaking a sweat you decide to contact your friend to lend a hand.  You share your … Continue reading

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Planning Through Video

We live in a world where there is constant competition for people’s attention. On a daily basis we can be inundated by information from dozens of social media sites, news aggregators, blog, vlogs, podcasts, twitter, facebook and so on. With … Continue reading

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“The Machine that Would Predict the Future?”

Isaac Asimov’s ‘Hari Seldon’ is a role model for the social scientists and urban planners whose profession it is to predict the future from 50 to 500 years and longer.  We are able to predict with a high degree of … Continue reading

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Sustainability Rating System for Infrastructure Coming Soon

An infrastructure sustainability rating system has been in the works since 2009.  Leading the charge is The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI).  ISI is a collaboration of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), the American Public Works Association (APWA) … Continue reading

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Is Toronto Growing ‘Smarter’?

As of October, 2011 Toronto, according to Emporis a Frankfurt-based research company that tracks multi-story buildings, had 132 active high-rise construction projects, the most of any North American City, surpassing Mexico City’s 88 projects and New York City’s 86 projects. … Continue reading

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World Town Planning Day

A day that celebrates planning may not be on your calendar, but it is on ours here at  HSAL.  November 8th is World Town Planning Day.  Every year, planners from approximately 30 countries on four continents observe this day in … Continue reading

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Community Well-being – What is it and What Does it Mean for Projects and Local Communities?

The concept of community well-being is one of the frameworks for community assessment along with other concepts (e.g. local community quality-of life studies, community health or community capacity). Measuring well-being in a community is vital to knowing how that community … Continue reading

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