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World Town Planning Day

A day that celebrates planning may not be on your calendar, but it is on ours here at  HSAL.  November 8th is World Town Planning Day.  Every year, planners from approximately 30 countries on four continents observe this day in … Continue reading

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Green City Planning

In many of my blogs, I discuss ways to make urban environments more sustainable and green. I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal entitled: How to Build a Greener City. This article was aimed less at what … Continue reading

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Game Plan: Implementing Sustainbility Working Sessions

Our planet is rapidly becoming more urban. According to UN-Habitat, an agency mandated by the UN General Assembly to encourage socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities, global population growth between the years 1950-1975 was relatively uniformly divided between urban … Continue reading

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Age-Friendly Communities

In my last few blogs I discussed some of the central themes challenging contemporary planners –  things like the importance of meaningful public consultation to elicit “on-the ground” information to be infused into  projects, plans and policies; the need for … Continue reading

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Municipal Incentives to Promote “Green” Development

Sustainable or “green” building is the practice of generating resource-efficient and healthy approaches to construction, renovation, operation, maintenance and demolition. It is typically applied to individual developments (building-specific), but is sometimes used to describe municipal scale development. Green building usually requires … Continue reading

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Sustainable Infrastructure as Public Amenity

Ok, I’m impressed.  Have you seen Sherbourne Common? If you haven’t, I suggest that  you check it out.  This is the most recent project to be unveiled as part of Toronto’s ambitious waterfront development plan, better known as the “New … Continue reading

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What Makes a “Resilient City”?

I just finished reading Resilient Cities: Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change by  Peter Newman co-authored with Timothy Beatley and Heather Boyer.  By ‘resilient’ they authors mean cities that can last, make it through crises, possessing inner strength and … Continue reading

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